Bah Humbug, the EEUK ghosts of enterprise past, present and future.

Written by Emily Beaumont


It has become an EEUK Christmas tradition that I compose the blog for December and shamelessly attempt to squeeze Christmas based puns into a Christmas theme at any and every opportunity.  Yule (see!) be happy to hear that this year is Noel exception (I’m terrible aren’t I!). Therefore, let me take this opportunity to reflect on the engine house that is the EEUK board and bring to you the EEUK ghosts of enterprise past, present and future!

EEUK ghosts of enterprise past

At times this year there have been glimpses of normality and in November, I was able to attend the Chartered ABS annual conference in person, meeting face to face with colleagues and presenting to a live audience.  The highlight was bumping into Prof Sarah Underwood and Prof Gurpreet Jagpal, former Chairs of EEUK, and now Honorary Fellows.  Sarah and Gups are both great examples of benevolent spirits whose work whilst on the Board continues to impact EEUK and its members.  The EEUK Fellowship, Sarah’s legacy, was developed with Alison Price to help the sector to continue to increase the scale, scope and effectiveness of enterprise and entrepreneurship education and practice.  In her role as Chair, Sarah ensured the Fellowship was open to the full range of roles and responsibilities that support enterprise and entrepreneurship whilst also recognising that many staff bring expertise from their own discipline and/or previous employment/experience to deliver excellent enterprise education across their institution.  We now have over 40 Fellows making the EEUK Fellowship the professional standard for all those working to deliver entrepreneurial outcomes in others.

EEUK ghosts of enterprise present

More recently, we have just bestowed Honorary Fellowships on former board members Jon Powell and Neil Coles, our EEUK ghosts of enterprise present! Jon Powell joined the board in August 2013 and served for eight years which makes him the longest serving EEUK board member. Jon served as Vice-Chair from 2017 to 2018 then Chair the following year during which time he led an EEUK delegation to China which initiated a collaboration with the Zingy network. During his final two years on the board, he continued to strengthen the Chinese collaboration which continues today.

As a member of the Executive Team, Neil Coles instigated a financial infrastructure project to establish the transparent and streamlined accounting system used by EEUK today. He meticulously managed the accounts through the pandemic, ensuring member benefits and strategic ambitions were still met.  He even found the time to overhaul the National Enterprise Educator Awards!

EEUK ghosts of enterprise Future

But what about the EEUK ghosts of enterprise future.  Well, they are you, or certainly could be.  In 2022 we will be seeking nominations for EEUK board members and I hope you will consider this opportunity.  It is an opportunity to play a vital role in EEUK’s decision making whilst supporting a sub-committee that aligns with your own expertise and interest.  More than that however, it is a chance to work and collaborate with some fabulous people and organisations in support of our enterprise and entrepreneurship educator community.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year.

Dr Emily Beaumont, President of Enterprise Educators UK