EEUK features in inaugural Octopus of Enterprise Educators podcast

Written by Rob Edwards

Listen now to the first episode of new podcast, The Octopus of Enterprise Educators, as host Diana Pasek-Atkinson of NTU Enterprise chats with EEUK President, Dr Emily Beaumont and EEUK Vice President, Dr Philip Clegg about the role and remit of EEUK and the exciting opportunity of being part of one of the organisation’s new MAGs (Membership Advisory Groups).

EEUK President, Dr Emily Beaumont

The MAGs are a new initiative from EEUK. The three groups focus on the needs of EEUK Associates (i.e. anyone working within an EEUK member organisation) that align with the three professional pathways identified by the EEUK Fellowship; Academic, Practitioner and Influencer.

Members of the groups advise the Board of issues and opportunities related to the specific pathway as well as generate ideas on how EEUK can develop its offer. The groups are also responsible for the production of targeted marketing materials, communications and online resources. Each group has six places for the relevant EEUK Associates and each has six vacancies currently. The Terms of Reference for the MAGs are available here; anyone at an EEUK member organisation who is interested in applying to join a MAG should complete the form on the EEUK website. The current deadline is Friday 29th April.

EEUK Vice President, Dr Philip Clegg


About The Octopus of Enterprise Educators

Sister to The Octopus Of Enterprise, The Octopus Of Enterprise Educators is a new podcast from NTU Enterprise for those who help anyone and everyone to understand enterprise, start-up, grow and innovate in business, in education and beyond. Thank you to the team for inviting EEUK to take part.


Listen to the podcast episode below!