EEUK launches ‘Rough Guide’ to enterprise education and practice

Written by Kate Beresford


Enterprise Educators UK has launched a new style of ‘Rough Guide’ workshop for practitioners and educators who are new to enterprise education and start-up support.

For those who are challenged by the world of enterprise and entrepreneurship education and start-up support and want to ‘fast track’ their understanding, this workshop will help to underpin the development of their professional practice.

The pilot on April 10th will be hosted by EEUK Director, Professor Sarah Underwood at the University of Leeds. Key contributors and facilitators are Sarah’s fellow Director, Philip Clegg from the University of Huddersfield and Alison Price, Head of Policy at Enterprise Educators UK.

The day will kick off with a walking tour of enterprise locations at Leeds, visiting various facilities and an incubator and having discussions with key staff, enterprise placement students, an entrepreneur in residence and alumni.

Throughout an engaging and interactive day, delegates will meet others working in a variety of roles to deliver enterprise/entrepreneurship education and start-up support. They will see and experience real-life examples of enterprise education and student/graduate start-up, spend the day “jargon busting” and getting to grips with key sector drivers and have a chance to talk to, share with and learn from those who are in similar and related roles.

Professor Sarah Underwood said, “When you’re new to a role, it can take so much time to get to grips with the acronyms, the political landscape and even the ongoing conversations you should be aware of! At EEUK, we wanted to find a way to accelerate this process and so have designed an inclusive event where we cover all the bits you really need to know about enterprise and entrepreneurship education. We will also provide a toolkit of resources, as well as introductions to a whole bunch of like-minded people – a proper welcome to the EEUK community!

To find out more and to register to attend please click here.