Climate Tipping Points and Social Tipping Points

1:30 am - 3:30 am 19/05/2023

This online event provided an opportunity for those involved in Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Education and Support (EEES) to (re)consider their work in relation to unfolding climate and ecological breakdown and reflect on how their practice can develop and adapt.

Attendees heard from Professor Tim Lenton, Founding Director of the Global System’s Institute at the University of Exeter, whose research involves understanding the earth as a system, modelling climate tipping points and identifying positive tipping points towards sustainability.

Following this, two new projects which aim to contribute to positive tipping points towards sustainability in EEES were introduced.

Catherine Brentnall, from the University of Huddersfield, and Dr David Higgins, from the University of Liverpool, introduced a research project ‘Enterprise Education and Planetary Sustainability: what can EE do?’, funded by Enterprise Educators UK (EEUK). This project is harnessing the system change perspective of emergence (Holman, 2010), to develop a process and workshop intervention to catalyse new connections, conversations and action towards sustainability in Enterprise Education.

Serxia Lage Arias, from IES Fernando Wirtz, introduced the TrEE project (Transforming Enterprise Education), a collaboration between 6 universities, funded by the European Union. The TrEE project proposes that Enterprise Education decouple itself from (high growth) businesses and instead put its (creative) potential to work to enact more just futures for people and planet. The project aims to elaborate pedagogical approaches, develop and validate course designs and create teacher materials and training.

This event is delivered by the University of Huddersfield’s Enterprise Team, in partnership with the University of Liverpool Management School and ECSB

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Slides – Dr Catherine Brentnall & Dr David Higgins

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