Strengthening the Enterprise Pipeline: The role of universities

10:00 am - 1:00 pm 22/10/2020


Strengthening the Enterprise Pipeline: The role of universities

Thursday 22nd October 2020 10am – 1pm

Click here for recording of the whole online event.

Breakout session recordings

Breakout 1 – Lauren Davies

Breakout 2 – Andy Penaluna

Breakout 3 – Jen Huntsley and Catherine Brentnall

Breakout 4 – Felicity Healey-Benson and Kathryn Penaluna


Adrian Lyons – Ofsted

Nicola Hall – Enterprise in CEC

Catherine Brentnall – Social Innovation

Lauren Davies – Elevate

Andy Penaluna – Welsh context

Jen Huntsley & Catherine Brentnall – Strengthening through Questioning

Felicity Healey-Benson & Kath Penaluna – EntreCompEdu

At this event delegates had the opportunity to:

  • Develop their understanding of the enterprise pipeline/experiences students have before university.
  • Gain ideas from practice around schools outreach and intervention development with Schools/Faculties of Education.
  • Expand knowledge with which to make more credible/successful connections with schools of education or schools.
  • Connect and network with colleagues who are interested in/working on this area.


At IEEC2019, Lord Bilimoria suggested that enterprise education ‘needed to start in schools’, a sentiment expressed in Lord Young’s Enterprise for All report, which recommends a ‘captive, continuous and coherent’ enterprise education journey through school and beyond to further and higher education.

This event explored how universities are taking a role supporting and engaging with this agenda, developing delegates’ understanding of the policy context and learning from examples of school outreach, engagement with universities’ Schools/Faculties of Education and CPD practice. It was of interest to university enterprise teams who want to develop or expand their provision to connect with schools and colleges, and to staff and colleagues who are interested in, or developing their skills and knowledge in this area.

The event comprised a series of sessions, facilitated by EEUK Associates who have experience of working in this area. The session included a mix of presentations, discussion, and sharing of initiatives and activities that are being used in practice.

The audience identified the role universities can play in supporting the enterprise pipeline and considered school focused provision and how it effects the enterprise interest and capability of university students.

Speakers and panel facilitators

  • Adrian Lyons, National lead for Business, Economics and Enterprise Education at Ofsted
  • Nicola Hall, Director of Education, Careers and Enterprise Company
  • Lauren Davies, Team Coach/Lecturer in enterprise and entrepreneurship at UWE
  • Jen Huntsley, Primary Education Lecturer, University of Huddersfield
  • Kathryn Penaluna, Associate Professor in Enterprise Education – The Welsh Curriculum, UWTSD
  • Felicity Healey-Benson, Entrepreneurial Learning Champion – UWTSD
  • Andy Penaluna, Advisor to Welsh Government Education and the National Academy for Educational Leadership Wales
  • Catherine Brentnall, Business Advisor, University of Huddersfield/MD, Ready Unlimited


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