Step Up

Written by Alison Price


As always, IEEC inspired with new practice and ideas to take forward into our ‘beyond blended’ world of education.  But if we are to ensure that enterprise is “for all” we must continue to  address the systemic barriers that we have unwittingly drawn into FE/HE in our attempt to mirror the business world. Our policy round up provided resources (see below) and energised many with the opportunities coming up, including the chance next year to become recognised as an ‘EntreComp Champion’, practical ideas like using the checklist of policy tools to help you review your work and advice to ensure you are TurboCharging the Future as UPP Foundation Student Futures Commission suggest. This session also launched EEUK’s new guide to EntreComp – designed for you to share with others as a robust starting resource or “quick look” to help colleagues get involved.

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Good luck and keep in touch! And don’t forget to draw upon EEUK’s library ETCToolkit to help with your new term!

Alison Price, Head of Policy and Professional Development, EEUK