Back to school?

Written by Alison Price

In 2014, EEUK members helped shape a key APPG (Microbusiness) report that reviewed the English educational pathways from school age, to ask whether we had a system fit for an entrepreneur? Now, in 2022, the APPG Entrepreneurship is back to explore why English schools are missing a trick by not embedding entrepreneurship through the education system.  EEUK Committees shared their experience in support of fostering an entrepreneurial spirit that our FE/HEIs will see the benefit of in future years and recognises each of the three failings identified: the lack of a national strategy, an entrepreneurship-focused curriculum, and ministerial ownership and accountability. See the report on our EEUK Publications page.

EEUK also supported another consultation recently which has resulted in global recommendations for entrepreneurship (OECD) adding further support to ambitions for the development of an entrepreneurial mindset throughout society and highlighting key aspects for us to consider within Transitions and resilience of SMEs and how we create entrepreneurial eco-systems that support starts, providing big picture rationales for your practice.

Skill development also seems to remain a focus, with a new report failing to place the UK on any of its top 10s (good or bad!) but with a new framework linking transversal (such as EntreComp) and digital competences there is new support for online VET (FE) teaching and learning.

KEF Concordat work comes together on 12th July where review of the action plans from over 100 HEIs, who tracked their progress in Knowledge Exchange against 8 KEF Concordat principles will be share their sector/institutional reflections. EEUK are keen to hear the strategic perspectives on the likely opportunities and challenges for the sector in this field for our next newsletter and sharing at IEEC! See you there!