Meeting student’s needs?

Written by Alison Price

With the release of Advance HE’s new Student Needs Framework Enterprise Educators now have a new checklist to use when developing or evaluating their programmes or workshops, which is asking:

  • What do students need to optimise their individual competence, confidence, and resilience?
  • What do students need to feel a sense of belonging and community?

This framework invites you to consider how you are providing:

  • Advice and challenge on personal development
  • The methods in which you deliver specialist input
  • Access information about their course and wider university (providing context)
  • Supporting independence and gaining agency
  • Clear expectations

to build student competence, confidence, and resilience? And to consider how you are creating:

  • The chance to build community (through communal settings)
  • Meaningful peer relationships
  • Meaningful staff relationships
  • identification and affiliation with interests and institutions
  • Place and space for personal development

to support students to feel a sense of belonging and community.

But this isn’t the only way we are meeting needs. Commentary on Sept’s TEF results, which was highlighted in a special EEUK blog shows how the #EntEd agenda can support institutional results – and with the release of the latest KEF results , many tell of an improving story for KEF which can only be good news for our work. This, together with further evidence of impact, held in the IP-related and commercialisation activities in England 2021-22 report which has now been published online shows the importance of the consultation of HE-BCI, so get engaged!

And finally at IEEC2023 we explored raised the question whether we were serving our students well, given that recent reports show that students “go home to start up” and access more support online than in person. This challenge is now further illuminated with the release of data by @WONKHE that shows how students move across England.  All this adds to our understanding of our students, so we can continue to meet their needs! Keep going!