Brusov State University

Brusov State University (BSU) conjoins educational traditions with innovative ideas. Established in 1935 and being the Republic of Armenia’s leading higher education institution for studying modern languages and social sciences, BSU constantly evolves. The application of innovative approaches and ideas is at the core of BSU’s both academic and extracurricular activities.

One of the strategic goals of the university is to build BSU into an entrepreneurial university focused on the arts and social sciences. A key strategic priority for BSU has been to significantly increase the scale and scope of its enterprise education offer, focusing on developing creative entrepreneurs through engagement with creative businesses. With women accounting for 90% of students, it also wants to nurture a new generation of female leaders.

“SMART Caffe” Entrepreneurship Center of BSU is an open center that welcome students, graduates, academic and administrative staff to transform their ideas into a business. The core environment provides full hardware and software support, training, mentors and networks for the growth of ideas. It also improves the educational experience of students in general and prepares them for an active role in the labor market.

Applicants and interested people from outside BSU are also encouraged to join “SMART Caffe”. The requirement is to have at least one BSU student or graduate in the team.

BSU also offers the elective academic course on “Entrepreneurship skills” for all those students who have starting ideas or creative potentials, but lack skills and resources to realize those potentials, or simply need a creative and supporting environment.



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