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King’s College London was founded by King George IV and the Duke of Wellington in 1829. When the University of London was established in 1836, King’s became one of its two founding colleges. Our faculties are at the cutting-edge of research. Our work is challenging and ground-breaking, leading to new thinking and perspectives. King’s is a progressive place acting in the service of society and the Entrepreneurship Institute intends for this ethos to come across very strongly as we strive to support entrepreneurship at King’s.’

King’s Entrepreneurship Institute aims to introduce people at King’s College London to the concept of entrepreneurialism. We help you meet inspiring, entrepreneurial people; develop entrepreneurial skills; have entrepreneurial experiences and create an entrepreneurial community where experiences are shared & enhanced.

Whether you have an enterprising idea or a start-up we will support you on your journey to start better and scale.

Our programmes support students and staff, across all subjects and locations at King’s, and alumni from the last seven years. We are a collective, broad & inclusive, student led and we seek diversity.

Our activities are delivered through four streams of service;

Engage | Learn | Support | Build


The Engage stream introduces you to entrepreneurship and the wider the start-up eco-system. Our annual magazine and events such as Enterprise Connect bring you inspirational entrepreneurs including Jo Malone MBE and Heston Blumenthal OBE. These are designed to increase your curiosity, confidence and enthusiasm for entrepreneurship & innovation as a viable career path.


The Learn stream is about experiencing and educating yourself on the key stages of the entrepreneurial/start-up journey through our co-curricular short courses. Activities such as our Venture Crawl and Idea Factory enable you to learn and develop skills that can enhance your future, whether that be in your chosen career or as an entrepreneur. We aim to improve your experience by teaching you the specifics of entrepreneurship through the simple process of ‘learning by doing’, in innovative learning environment.


The Support stream focuses on accelerating the best start-up ideas to reach reality through a 1 year King’s Venture Accelerator programme. This facility supports and houses 20 of King’s promising ventures within Bush House, Strand Campus. We encourage you to drop by the accelerator to meet us and the supported ventures to learn about the opportunities available to you.


The Build stream creates an ecosystem of corporate connections to support entrepreneurship at King’s, in order to add value for all stake holders of our activities.

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