University College Birmingham

UCB recognises that in an increasingly competitive business environment, there is high demand for creativity, innovation and uniqueness – and a growing demand for businesses to be enterprising. Our courses have been developed in partnership with industry professionals and with the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), to give our students the business knowledge and work experience needed to advance in management positions or as successful entrepreneurs.  Our courses enable UCB students to develop essential skills to set up their own business or to contribute to the success of an existing business.  We ensure that our students understand how to strategically develop a  business and provide them with key management skills to identify and respond to new business opportunities. We encourage the exploration of the basis of entrepreneurial activity, through the use of computer simulations, competitions and live client projects and work hard to provide students with opportunities for relevant work placements (both short and longer term).  We further support the development of students own business ideas through our Business Hive (part of the BESEEN project) and as part of the Hive’s activities, we provide workshops and professional mentorship to students who wish to develop their entrepreneurial skills to be a successful start-up.

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