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Position: Operations and Business Development Manager

Organisation: Enterprise Educators UK

Location: Flexible working locations – depending on residential location

Salary: £45,585 per annum

Hours: Full Time

Contract Type: Fixed term 24 months with potential for extension to permanent

Placed On: 14th March 2024

Closes: 19th April 2024

Job Ref: OBDM24

The post includes a generous annual leave allowance, pension and flexible working.


Enterprise Educators UK (EEUK) is a prominent organisation dedicated to promoting and advancing enterprise and entrepreneurship education across the United Kingdom. As a leading professional network, EEUK brings together educators, practitioners, researchers, and policymakers from various sectors to collaborate and share best practices in fostering entrepreneurial mindsets and skills among students and professionals.

Founded on the principles of collaboration, innovation, and knowledge exchange, EEUK plays a crucial role in shaping the landscape of enterprise education. The organisation provides a platform for members to access resources, engage in professional development opportunities, and participate in events and conferences focused on enhancing entrepreneurship education.

Key aspects of EEUK’s work include:


1. Community Building: EEUK serves as a vibrant community where individuals passionate about enterprise education can connect, collaborate, and exchange ideas. Members benefit from networking opportunities, peer support, and access to a diverse range of expertise.

2. Knowledge Sharing: EEUK facilitates the sharing of best practices, resources, and research findings related to enterprise education. Through publications, workshops, webinars, and online forums, members stay informed about emerging trends and innovative approaches in the field.

3. Professional Development: EEUK offers professional development programs and training initiatives designed to empower educators and practitioners with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively teach and support entrepreneurship. These programs cover a wide range of topics, including curriculum development, pedagogy, assessment, and mentoring.

4. Advocacy and Policy: EEUK advocates for the importance of enterprise education in fostering creativity, resilience, and adaptability among learners. The organisation works closely with policymakers, industry leaders, and educational institutions to promote the integration of entrepreneurship into formal and informal learning settings.

5. Research and Evaluation: EEUK supports research efforts aimed at understanding the impact of enterprise education and identifying effective strategies for enhancing entrepreneurial outcomes. By promoting evidence-based practices and evaluation frameworks, EEUK contributes to the continuous improvement of enterprise education initiatives.

Overall, EEUK plays a vital role in advancing the field of enterprise education by fostering collaboration, promoting excellence, and advocating for the integration of entrepreneurship into educational systems and practices. Joining EEUK offers an opportunity to be part of a dynamic community dedicated to driving positive change and innovation in enterprise education across the UK.


Position Overview

The Operations and Business Development Manager (OBDM) is a pivotal role within EEUK, responsible for spearheading all aspects of operations and business development. Working collaboratively with the operational team, the Executive, and the Board, the OBDM will be instrumental in driving the growth and success of EEUK.

We are in search of an energetic and ambitious individual who aligns with our mission and can contribute enthusiasm and passion to the role.

This role will report to the Vice President of EEUK – The VP role is on a two-year rotation, therefore the line manager will change with each rotation.

Line Management – This role will manage the operations team who are all on external contracts.



Working with the Exec, Board and Operations team, you will:

Plan, coordinate, manage, and regularly review all business operations to achieve corporate goals.

Serve as the organisation’s primary adviser on operational issues, staying updated on the latest developments to maintain a competitive position.

Review financial, sales, and activity reports to measure and report on the efficiency of operational processes and systems, implementing improvements as needed.

Develop business plans to support and align with the company’s strategic objectives, including diversifying revenue sources.

Control and develop operational budgets, ensuring the availability of resources to meet objectives within financial parameters.

Collaborate with the Governance and Risk Committee to implement and maintain compliance and corporate governance.

Liaise between the organisation and members and partners for contractual and quality assurance purposes.

Supervise all projects and operational leads.

Determine human resource requirements and develop a human resource strategy to meet the company’s needs.

Work flexibly with operational leads to jointly deliver required objectives.

Formulate operational policies and practices.

Empower the operational team with leadership and resources for successful completion of initiatives.

Promote effective and clear internal and external communications.

Review and report on recommended changes of contracts and operational


Join EEUK and be a driving force in shaping the future of enterprise education! Apply now and contribute to our mission of fostering entrepreneurship and innovation.

To apply, please email Megan Powell Vreeswijk, EEUK Vice President at with a CV and covering letter.

Job Description and Person Specification are available to download below.

OBDM Job Description

EEUK 2024 OMBD Person Specification