Which bit is for me?

Written by Alison Price

With so much happening, sometimes it feels like things would be easier if everything was dropped into your ‘pigeonhole’ so get the post that you really need.  EEUK is here to help you with that and has split out our policy round up to help you!

For everyone: #EntEd video “shorts”
QAA have released videos that might help you communicate with your student groups: what enterprise and entrepreneurship education is, the kinds of behaviours, attributes and competencies it can support you to develop, and suggest a few simple ways to build an entrepreneurial mindset.

Influencer:  Looking entrepreneurial culture – here are 4 ways to create it!

Practitioner:  Careers  ACGAS shared their manifesto, which contains examples of good practice from HEIs.

A guide to “Common Questions Asked in an Interview and How to Answer Them”

 Practitioner: Business Start-up/International Students/visa

Visa new guide BUSINESS PLANNING FOR YOUR INNOVATION PROJECTS – Issue 1.0 (innovatorinternational.com) and YouTube Channel support materials from Richard Harrison @innovatorinternational

Practitioner: Working with Doc/Post Doc/Researchers: a great blog on communication/ audiences from Vicki Belt (Deputy Director of Impact and Engagement at the ERC) shared at Innovation & Research Caucus Early Career Researcher conference held at Oxford Brookes University on 17th January 2024. 


If you are looking for insight on AI use in assessment, then check out this HEPI/Kortext report which suggests that students are looking to engage with AI and AI tools, but warns of a digital divide emerging within the student population

AdvanceHE published ‘Embedding Wellbeing into the Curriculum: A Global Compendium of Good Practice’. Editor Dr @ElliottSpaeth reflects on themes of connection, empathy & compassion in this new collection of case studies

A new ebook, edited by: : David RaeRegina FrankMalcolm Hoare, for those interested in creativity, entrepreneurship, education and learning, and in how these topics interconnect, with 4 key chapters to explore

Researchers: might want to check out HEPI’s comprehensive bibliographic database of the world’s scholarly literature  – core

And finally, for Everyone!

HMRC have released videos and teaching plans – take a look: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/tax-facts-for-children-and-young-people/tax-facts-resources-for-teachers-and-parents including tax videos, such as a short overview on working for yourself tax facts.

The Gender Index report is out, with clear messages for each nation state, and also evidence of not only the under-representation across all areas, but the positive impact (business success/sustainability) that mixed-gender business experience.

Check out this recommended reading from the Enterprise Research Centre (UK) including: Dr Lorna Treanor FRSASusan Marlow, Sally Jones on the damage done by entrepreneurship stereotypes: https://lnkd.in/exTVWQsW and Tom cannon on the history of women’s entrepreneurship policy in the UK: https://lnkd.in/eJP_aadc