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Call for tenders – website redevelopment

November 2023

The organisation and its mission

Enterprise Educators UK is the UK’s national membership organisation for enterprise and entrepreneurship educators in Higher Education (HE), Further Education (FE) and beyond. We were formed in 2000 as UKSEC and in 2007 we underwent a restructure and rebrand, becoming Enterprise Educators UK. The name is frequently abbreviated to EEUK although we also use the full expanded version.

More information about the structure of EEUK, including its committees, can be found here.

Our purpose is to enable excellence in enterprise education connecting and supporting enterprise and entrepreneurship educators across the world. We are ambitious for our membership and inspire them to innovate whilst increasing the scale, scope and effectiveness of their practice and research in order to influence positive change in UK and International Policy. We operate with integrity, acting fairly and professionally, communicating with respect and purpose.

Our 120+ members are mainly UK universities, though we have a growing number of FE Colleges, external organisations and overseas HEIs. The people who benefit from our services are enterprise and entrepreneurship educators and practitioners working within the curriculum and on extra-curricular programmes. Enterprise Education is an interdisciplinary concept and therefore we need to reach people located across a variety of disciplines who could be in academic schools as well as those in a central department such as a careers service.

To accommodate the breadth of the role of an enterprise and entrepreneurship educator, EEUK structures its approach around three enterprise and entrepreneurship educator identities – Academic, Practitioner and Influencer. For the types of jobs that fall into each pathway, please see the diagram here.

We add value for our members through a comprehensive range of services and benefits. These are listed on our website here. A major focus of our work is to enable our members to exchange good practice with each other and to raise awareness of the work that our members do. Much of this is evident on our website but in addition we publish a monthly newsletter via MailChimp (latest edition here). We also have over 8200 followers on Twitter (@EEUK) and a closed LinkedIn group of 775 members.

One important objective is to influence policy on behalf of our members so it is essential that our message reaches policy makers and other organisations close to the policy agenda in addition to our target market for membership.

EEUK also delivers the International Entrepreneurship Educators Conference (IEEC) and the National Enterprise Educator Awards (NEEA) and we host the ETC Toolkit. At present, these initiatives have separate websites and a key part of this project is the amalgamation of these into one site. The IEEC and NEEA are WordPress sites; the ETC Toolkit is hosted on Umbarco.

Purposes and objectives of the website

  • To engage existing members, signposting them to relevant content and making them feel part of the EEUK community
  • To attract potential members, showcasing the benefits of EEUK membership, and driving them to join
  • To celebrate the EEUK membership, highlighting their work and achievements
  • To enable interaction with the organisation, making it easy for members to join EEUK committees, pathway networks
  • To promote EEUK’s work in academic research, practice and policy
  • To showcase our community experts, the EEUK Fellows and Honorary Fellows.

Current websites

The main EEUK website is

The aim is to combine the following sites:



ETC Toolkit –

Limitations of current website

The main site in which we want all other websites to be amalgamated into has developed organically since its launch in 2018, and was structured under Share, Connect and Develop headings. With the addition of more content over the year, the headings have lost their original meanings, and it is not clear to users where to find relevant information. The call to action is unclear.

  • Members need to be at the forefront of the website, as a tangible feature of why they should be part of EEUK.
  • There is a lack of navigation – many pages don’t have onward or back links.
  • There is no interactivity with users through the website.
  • The newsletter sign-up (top menu) is not prominent enough.
  • Blog posts have grown to the extent that it is now a long list that needs scrolling through (and isn’t indexed or searchable).
  • Past events aren’t easy to find.
  • The EEUK Fellows are hard to find.
  • SEO needs improving overall.
  • Publications list is most often visited but isn’t showcased enough.
  • Need a better introductory piece about what EEUK is all about.

Scope of Work

The website needs to be informational, with a blog facility, and a means of promoting the EEUK membership.

Key features and functionality required.

  • EEUK member showcasing
  • Blogs & news items
  • Conference/events listing and registration functionality
  • Member-only access to particular webpages
  • Member profiles
  • Highlighting and promoting EEUK Fellowship
  • Publications & resources list

The current EEUK team are experienced in administering a WordPress site but we are open to alternative platforms.

Design Requirements

We want the website to be clear and fresh, easily to navigate, and properly showcasing our membership.

We are not looking for a brand overhaul as part of this project, so suppliers will work with our existing logos and branding. Suppliers should note the EEUK Branding Guidelines, linked below.

Content and Structure


  • Sitemap of existing website
  • Homepage wireframe
  • Website Miro Board with preferred structure for new site

Successful vendors will be provided with a webpage mapping document with details of what existing content will need retaining and where it will appear on the new website.

Technical Requirements

The website needs to integrate with PayPal.

The current website uses Wordfence and WP Security; similar levels of security will need to be provided for the new website.

The website will need to be fully accessible to users and comply with the latest best practice guidelines.

Vendors should be aware that our membership is increasingly international, and will be accessed by users from the UK and overseas.


The website will need to be in place by the EEUK annual conference, IEEC2024, in early September 2024.


There is no set budget. Vendors are required to provide costs for website design, build, ongoing maintenance and support.

Evaluation Criteria

Proposals will be evaluated according to cost, vendor experience, and vendor vision for how the new website can be developed.

Submission Details

Proposals should be emailed to Rob Edwards at by 31st January 2024.

Questions and Clarifications

Any questions should be sent to

Evaluation and Selection Process

Proposals will be assessed by the EEUK Executive Board and team members.

Vendors will be informed of a decision by 16th February 2024.


Proposals should be accompanied by references from past or existing clients who have required similar work. Contact details for these clients should be supplied, and they will be contacted by EEUK prior to any contract being awarded.


All proposals will be treated with confidentiality by EEUK.