What gets results?

Written by Alison Price


As EEUK looks back over 2021, our pre-pandemic aspirations haven’t changed, whilst many significant issues have merely come into sharper focus* and will need our resolve and ongoing commitment to address these further in 2022.

(*See for example, the calls to address disadvantage and underrepresentation in access to business start-up support as well as wider education (as highlighted within Unlocking the potential of ethnic minority businesses: Tackling the barriers to success (SMF 2021) or the continuing challenge of supporting student mental health, which is the focus of the Scottish HEIs commitments in the latest wellbeing report (Dec 2021)).

As a sector, we continue our discussions as to ‘what works’ and how we know that it does, as we continue to share ideas of metrics and measurements. This has been a key theme within our EEUK research funding EERPF which has seen many explorations into success, impact and deepening our understanding as it is clear that we need data to understand if we are serving our students well and ensuring that our approach is inclusive and accessible.  EEUK share these findings with you across the membership, through EEUK events /webinars and within our website and across the ETCToolkit. However, understanding the impact, you have in your role is never straight forward – despite the heartfelt acceptance by every Enterprise Educator that enterprise education can be transformational, how do we prove that to others?

Increasingly EEUK Associates are showing the benefits of clear policy and practice, including at national level (see this latest research that shows how Welsh policy has created impact – thanks to EEUK Associates:  D Bozward, M Rogers-Draycott, K Smith, M Mave, V Curtis, C Aluthgama-Baduge, R Moon, and N Adams).  Associates are also recognising that approaches that seek to replicate business practice can further replicate inequalities that are inherent there and are working to truly to make “enterprise for all”.

But whether you are lighting the spark, supporting the business to start, energising staff or students, we wish you a screen-free proper break – as there is work to do in 2022 and we need your support – so have a great break and see you in the new year where we will be exploring how GREENCOMP enhances EntreComp!

Alison Price

Head of Policy and Professional Development, Enterprise Educators UK